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Jax Clarity Glass Coating Kit is a two part ceramic based formula that delivers exceptional surface protection and extreme slickness to any glass surface that will repel rain, snow, and ice with ease and improve vision while driving. 

Clarity Glass Coating bonds to the glass surface creating a super hydrophobic barrier lasting up to one year with proper maintenance. 

Part 1 (Clarity Glass Coating) provides your main barrier of protection.

Part 2 (Clarity Enhancer) creates a super slick finish on the glass that will make water fly off. We provide a 4 oz. bottle of Clarity Enhancer to "boost" your coating at 2-4 month intervals depending on what conditions your windshield is exposed too. 

This kit will treat all glass on 2-3 midsize vehicles. 



Clean glass thoroughly. Use a clay bar to decontaminate the glass surface. Make sure to remove all residue from the claying process. Using the provided coating applicator wipe in a cross hatch pattern Part 1 (Clarity Glass Coating) on one half of the windshield ensuring complete coverage. DO NOT WIPE THE COATING OFF. Use the same process applying Part 1 on the other half of the windshield. Let coating sit on the glass surface for 1-2 minutes. Go back to the first half of the coated windshield and spray Part 2 (Clarity Enhancer) directly onto the glass trying to avoid overspray as much as possible. You can also spray Part 2 directly onto the additional provided coating applicator. Wipe Part 2 in a cross hatch pattern on the glass surface ensuring complete coverage. Use the same process applying Part 2 on the other half of the windshield. Let Part 2 sit on the glass surface for 2-3 minutes. Wipe off excess residue with the provided twisted loop glass towel. Glass Cleaner can be used to remove residue if it becomes stubborn to remove. Let Clarity Glass Coating cure on the glass surface for 12 hours before water is introduced and 24 hours before wiper blades are used. 

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