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Despite its lightweight and ergonomic shape, the BigFoot LHR75 Pneumatic Mini is one the most powerful random orbital polishers in the BigFoot family. With a maximum orbit rate of 11,000 orbits per minute, and an orbit size of 15mm, this compact powerhouse eliminates paint defects in record time. Despite the extraordinary speed and large orbit diameter, the ‘Air’ Mini features an incredibly smooth user experience when paired with the correct 100mm RUPES foam pads.

The BigFoot LHR75 Pneumatic Mini’s random orbital movement makes it the perfect tool to remove serious defects, such as P1500 grit sanding scratches, without creating buffer swirls and while minimizing the risk to the paint. In many cases, the ‘Air’ Mini will leave the a high-gloss, ready-to-wax finish in just one step*. The LHR75 is ideal for addressing complex curves, edge work, and tight areas where a larger polisher would struggle to perform.

Like all tools in the RUPES BigFoot family the LHR75 features incredible balance and percision. The throttle lever and tactile interface at the head both feel exceptional in your hands make the tool extremely maneuverable in even the most confined of spaces

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